Sunday, November 6, 2011

Testing the Android blogger app

Because my life is about to get busier. Good thing I've got the sugar-free Rockstar on hand. I recommend this for busy moms. No I'm not getting paid to say this. I have hypothyroid disease and unfortunately one of the affects is me being tired with little energy. Usually after a trip to the grocery I need a nap. Daily naps help some but that only works if I'm home. My kids keep me busy with homeschooling, 3 different dance classes, auditions and filming. Not to mention on the day we are all available the trip to Disneyland. Yesterday, while grocery shopping at Smart and Final, I saw a four pack of the drink and a much larger (20?) pack.  I opted for the smaller pack for now because I am still doing research and trying to figure out if it OK to use. I'm not a daily user. At this point in our lives we're not there yet. My husband, the high school teacher, is thinking about giving it a try. After a day with the inner city kids all he wants to do is veg and not deal with grading of quizzes and tests. Also, I want him to not give the excuse of being too tired to carry the trash.

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