Monday, December 16, 2013

Two Things I Have Learned Through Online Shopping

Full disclosure:
I like to hold on to my money for as long as I can.
I also hate HATE paying full price for ANYTHING.

Since all my kids are now in a public school I have been working part-time.
Getting to (or wanting to) go shopping has been really low in my want to-do list.

Online shopping is now back on to things I love to do but now because of it's popularity many online stores or dot com stores are offering free shipping.
Recently I discovered 2 things:
           1. When you create a "favorite list" and check it a week later at least one                of the items will be on sale.
           2.  If you add things in a "shopping cart" a few days later they will email                you reminding you of your items AND they will offer a discount offer                like 10% or free shipping.

How awesome is that!

I had some items recently in a yarn shop and offered they offered me in an email 20% off PLUS free shipping!!!

Online shopping is so much more fulfilling and a little bit dangerous.


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