Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the things you discover when you read the ingredients

worchestire (sp?) sauce has corn syrup and anchovies!!!!!!!!!!!

dinner last night

was a success. Why? Because even the little one loved it. The beans looked meaty that my husband liked it. He is also another picky eater. Kinda. He doesn't like the vegan meals unless it looks like it has meat. I have tricked him on several occasions.
Tonight will be corn on the cob, mashed potatoes w/ country gravy. Going to rehydrate some TVP and season it with lots of seasonings to make it taste beefy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

taking responsibility

is something I am having a hard time dealing with. No not me directly. One of my kids, God bless her, is getting on my nerves. Example 1: The portable pencil sharpener fell and all the shavings came out of the small compartment...
Me: Girl, you know you better pick every bit of those shavings up. I just vacuumed!
Her: But, Ma, it's not my fault!
Me: Really? didn't you just have it in your hands?
Her: Yeah but she broke it!
Me: Really? When did it break?
Her: Two months ago.
Me: But it just fell out of YOUR hands. Regardless of whether it was broken or not. It fell out of YOUR hands. Should someone who broke it 2 MONTHS ago be held responsible for something you did TODAY?
Her: I think she should be the one picking it up. It is hers.
Me: Girl, if you don't pick it up and I'm a gonna......

Yes this is my regular day.

Nevertheless it was picked up.
Nothing to do with food but this is the kinda shit I gotta go through.

I went to the store and p/u whole wheat tortillas and avocados. When I get home after gymnastics I am going to put half of the beans I soaked and cooked last night into the food processor and make some 'refried' beans using olive oil. Dice up some tomatoes and onions,smash the avocados and call it dinner.
That is my easiest dinner.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

oh and I had my veggie patty with these slim whole wheat sandwich buns and spinach and tomatoes. wanted to squeeze in an avocado but with all the spinach and tomatoes there was no room!


Between schooling the kids, trying to keep this place tidy and doing outside activities, I feel like I cannot breathe. Today we had a quick breakfast of waffles with whipped cream cheese and grape jam. Lunch was garlic onion french fries and a veggie burger. Kids had cinnamon apple sauce. Dinner will be simple. Spaghetti with real parmesan cheese and TVP (texturized vegetable protein). TVP is so good. It doesn't have the added fat and cholestrol that ground beef has and it tastes like it with the right seasonings. Sometimes I just season it with salt and mix it with the spaghetti sauce. No one can tell the difference.
Have you noticed when you go to a supermarket (not health food store) that they are stocking up more organic foods? I was shocked to find an organic chai tea latte!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

breakfast of champions and our busy life and I think it is time to crank up the crockpot

Whole wheat waffles, whipped cream cheese and strawberry jam

Need to find a specific time to work on this blog. Between gymnastics, AWANA, the gym and soon cheerleading class, I am having a really hard time sitting in front of the computer. I do some writing on the go on my phone but that is mostly on twitter and facebook.
Also my time cooking is being cut since I cook most of our meals from scratch. Next week I am going to start crockpot cooking. Squash is now in season so will take advantage of that!

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