Monday, November 12, 2012

Because Seriously, Sometimes You Have To Be Like, WTF?!?!

I wasn't going to write today.
Feeling really distracted by an event last night.
Last night I took my daughters to a pink carpet event we were invited to.  A few faces stood out besides the owner.  Several were kids/moms we have come across in this year we have been auditioning and filming.
But one gave me a sour taste.
She is a mom who I believe thinks she is a competition.  I guess it is if you have that mindset.  She gives me dirty looks when we walk into the audition waiting room.  I always greet her with a smile and say hi to her and her kid (and her husband if he's there).  They usually just like at me like I'm an alien.  Blank stares like they have no sense.  My kids were dancers in one particular project where we first had contact with them.  The kid kept grabbing my kid's iPod Touch.  At one point I had to take it because this kid did not understand the word no and they adults did nothing!  What kind of shit is that?  How are you going to witness your kid grabbing other people's property and not say anything?  Oh wait, one of the adults did.  She said, "oh she always does that".  My response was that maybe she should buy her one to keep her entertained.  I was a bit irritable at that point but what the fuck?
The last time we were in contact with this family, one of my kids played her sister.  She was a bit snippy with me but I just ignored her.  One other mom there didn't like her much since the kid kept grabbing her iPad and did not understand no.  At one point the director had a good talking to the adult (I'm not sure if she was the mom or the grandmom since she looked old and decrepit). While the camera was rolling, the kid decided to go on a rant about "how fucking tired and stupid this film was".

I started writing this Sunday morning.  Still reeling on what happened the night before.
We went on a Disneyland staycation and I certainly feel more calm and zen-like.

So now, I am just waiting on my coffee and so I can get into my zone.

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