Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vacation time is over...

and we're back to school!
It's official.
All of my kids are out of the homeschooling years and into the public school years.  It's been great thus far.  Homeschooling have truly prepared them in their studies.  They have learned to work independently and look for the resources to help them with various projects.

We've had a wonderful summer driving cross country and visiting my mom in Florida.
The kids reacquaint with a few cousins and hang out with Abuela. We visited all Disney parks and even brought home some mosquito bites!

All in all, it has been the best vacation we ever had.

My only complaint is that I had a hard time finding vegan products in the area.
We had to take an almost 30 minute drive to the nearest Whole Foods to find tofu, nutritional yeast, and other vegan eats.

*My writing is a bit more rough than usual.  I guess I'm still in vacation mode. ;-)

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